What is white tongue / yellow tongue?

It's a symptom of a bacterial over population present deep inside the taste buds of the tongue. As a result, a bio-film forms on the surface and is usually difficult to remove with conventional cleaning devices. This condition will most definitely be a major cause of chronic bad breath.

What causes white tongue ?

The anaerobic bacteria are present in vast numbers on the tongue and release such quantities of waste compound that it forms a bio-film on the surface. This bio-film is built by an accumulation of bacteria, bacterial waste, and mucus.

Although a wide variety of reasons may be the cause, the best way and most effective method to treat this condition AND chronic bad breath in general is to MAKE THE MOUTH A HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT for the anaerobic bacteria.

Anaerobic bacteria are the enemy and the cause of chronic halitosis for the very vast majority of people, at least 90% of cases. Therefore, all your efforts should be concentrated on eliminating them!

How to cure it

White tongue
To make your mouth inhospitable for these bacteria, you should first understand that by their very nature, anaerobic bacteria will have trouble reproducing in a PH neutral mouth and will not survive in an oxygen rich environment.

Knowing these two facts, all you need now is to find the necessary tools to control their population on the one hand, and kill as many bacteria as you can with more ease on the other hand. Start with:

- BAKING SODA. This product is cheap, completely harmless to your health, and available everywhere! Using baking soda is essential to change acidity levels in your mouth and cripple bacterial reproduction.

Anaerobic bacteria will thrive and reproduce in a mouth that has a LOW PH (acidic). The more acidic your mouth is, the more likely the bacteria will reproduce and develop in greater numbers.

Baking soda has a HIGH PH, meaning that it is alkaline, therefore will neutralize the acidity in your mouth rendering it PH neutral. Use this product at will while brushing and in your mouthwash as often as you can.

- HYDROGEN PEROXIDE or CHLORINE DIOXIDE MOUTHWASH. They are both powerful oxygenating agent. Chlorine Dioxide has been used in water purification systems for a very long time for its aseptic properties, while Hydrogen Peroxide is perfect to kill bacteria responsible for bad breath. The anaerobic bacteria is oxygen intolerant, therefore oxygenating your mouth is an absolute must.

Both mouthwashes are perfect for the job and will greatly reduce bacterial population. Never use over the counter mouthwashes, their alcohol content will worsen you condition!

- TEA TREE OIL. Now there is a product that is worth mentioning. Tea tree oil is an essential oil extracted from the leaves of a tea tree species found in Australia. It’s properties are downright extraordinary.

Aside from being a powerful natural anti-bacterial product, it is also anti-fungal and anti-viral. This means that with tea tree oil , you can cure everything from pimples to athlete’s foot!

In treating chronic bad breath symptoms, use as a mouthwash solution. Put 3-5 drops of tea tree oil in enough water to swish and gargle for 60 seconds. You can also put 3 drops on your sonic toothbrush if you have one and brush your tongue with it for another 60 seconds to achieve maximum efficiency.

- TONGUE SCRAPER. Using the right tongue scraper is absolutely necessary to achieve acceptable result when it comes to white tongue. The bio-film is nearly impossible to remove completely with a conventional tongue scraper.

I definitely recommend the Orabrush tongue scraper because it is the only one specifically designed to scraper INSIDE taste buds. The Orabrush is cheap and by far the best tongue scraper available in the market.

- ANTI-BACTERIAL TOOTHPASTE. Get yourself a good anti-bacterial toothpaste. Once you eliminate the bacteria present on your tongue, remember that they can easily repopulate it if they are present elsewhere in your mouth. You must absolutely also clean teeth, gums, cheeks, and the roof of your mouth with the right anti-bacterial toothpaste!

The tongue is the most important part of the mouth to clean. Take special care and the time needed to do a proper job if you want to cure your white tongue /yellow tongue condition as well as taking control your chronic bad breath. If you would like more information on the techniques to use with the products mentioned above, click here.

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