Post Nasal Drip. A Major Source Of Chronic Bad Breath

What is Chronic Post Nasal Drip?

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In simple terms, chronic sinus congestion is due to two main reasons: an excessive production or a significant decrease in mucus.

In the case of excessive mucus production, your sinus is put into overdrive and produces mucus more rapidly than the body is able to dispose of it.

When the disorder is due to a state of decreased production, mucus tends to stagnate and becomes thicker with a greenish / yellowish colour.

Both conditions lead to excess mucus accumulating near the production area in the back of the nose, but also in the back of the throat, leading to abundant nasal discharge and excessive phlegm.

Mucus is an essential part of our health and protects our bodies from bacteria and air born viruses we breathe. When trapped by mucus, these impurities slowly make their way to the stomach where they are destroyed by stomach acids. The body's very own filtering system!

A human being can produce up to two quarts of mucus in a 24 hour period. In either case, if mucus isn’t progressively evacuated to the stomach, the result is chronic sinus congestion.

On the other hand, too much mucus production being evacuated to the stomach will lead to a nauseous state and sometimes vomiting.

What Causes Post Nasal Drip?

post nasal drip
Swelling of the sinus cavities and the mucus membrane will cause chronic sinus congestion.

The most common reasons are the flu and allergies. But it is also associated with tobacco, diary products, birth control pills, alcohol consumption, air conditioning, and certain disorders of the throat.

Symptoms of post nasal drip:

- Chronic Bad Breath that smells of cabbage or gasoline

- Congestion of the sinus passages

- Constant clearing of the throat

- Constant cough / coughing up phlegm

- Sore throat

- Nasal discharge

- Distorted voice

- Constant spiting

- Nauseous feeling / vomiting caused by excessive mucus in the stomach

How Does it cause Bad Breath?

Anaerobic bacteria, the main cause for chronic bad breath, are oxygen intolerant, therefore will seek places in the mouth where oxygen is lowest or non existent to settle and develop. The most common places for these bacteria are within the gum line, between teeth, and especially deep inside taste buds of the tongue.

When someone suffers post nasal drip, the mucus that accumulates in the back of the throat is ideal for anaerobic bacteria. Since mucus tends to stagnate, the bacteria will penetrate it and use it as shelter from oxygen and saliva. If left unchecked, they will reproduce inside mucus, but also feed on it! Mucus is made up of different strands of proteins which is one of the bacteria’s favourite food sources.

Post Nasal Drip Remedies:

Be careful how you treat this condition. Nasal decongestions that are sold over the counter can be very harsh on nasal tissue if used repeatedly over long periods of time.

The best remedy out there is without a doubt the sinus irrigator used in conjunction with an IODINE FREE saline rinse formula. This nasal irrigation device with the saline rinse is specifically designed to provide all types nasal congestion relief. It’s an incredible sinus infection cure and can be used 2-3 times a day without any long term side effects.

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