please help me

by Christine
(La Union)

My name is Christine, i have been suffering from halitosis for like forever. I know I have it but my family keeps telling me i don't have it, I think that they just don't want to hurt my feelings.

Every people I meet cover their noses and one I can't forget was there's this gay classmate of mine asked me if I am eating stool because my breath smells stool. From then on I don't go outside anymore, if I do I try to keep myself away from people, i hold my breath as much as possible or I cover my nose because even if I don't talk the fowl smell comes out from my nose.

I stopped school for a year and as exaggerated as it sounds I already tried to kill myself three times because of my halitosis. Yes it's really true. I could not find someone who can help me.

I went over to see at least 4 different dentists already and told me I have healthy oral condition. I used different oral products they gave me. One of the dentists referred me to an ENT specialist and found out I have necrotic tonsils that might be the cause of my bad breath.

So I considered his option of having my necrotic tonsils removed. I had the surgery in 2008, removal of my 2 anterior tonsils. I thought my problem will be gone. I spend so much on that surgery. But nothing happened. There's no change on my breath at all.

Now it is 2011, Im still suffering from bad breath. I am self medicating, I am taking AUGMENTIN antibiotics and NASSATAPP in case I have sinusitis. I haven't had the sinus xray yet. I don't know if the antiboitics are really needed in my case.

PLEASE HELP ME. I REALLY NEED A CURE BADLY. I am like going crazy already. I can't find work because I don't want to mingle to people. I am hurting everytime I see people covering their noses. PLEASE HELP ME. :(

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May 03, 2016
this will help you
by: Anonymous

try Thera Breath i do it for my breath

Sep 11, 2015
Digestive Enymes maybe root of problem
by: CJ

After continuously searching for answers via my gastroenterologist, dentist, ear&nose (ENT) physicians. I started reading this blog. I found something I had not explored. My thought was, "is this problem really coming from my stomach?"

I have tried charcoal to absorb the odor. It does work but it also absorbs any other medications you are taking. You see the results of taking about 13 capsules morning, noon and night for 3 days before the odor disappears. You also have no body odor as well. (cool side effect)

I have tried probiotics 20 million ct to be taken 2 capsules with each meal. They do not work for me.

I have found something that works as long as you follow the instructions. Manufactured by Origin of Life - Aloe Vera Natural Papaya Flavor "Traditional Digestive Aid. It has Aloe Vera 6,000mg. Take 2 capfuls with each meal. It can be added to water or fruit or vegetable juic. I normally take it with water. . It is sold at Vitamin World or 1-800-228-4533

It was explained to me and I remembered that Aloe is an natural healing agent. I also have mild crohn's disease that could be contributing to my bad breath that I have now had for 16 years.. I am 56.

Hop this posts some one. The Aloe Vera has helped me. I feel 85% more confident talking close up to a person.

Aug 08, 2015
sulfite preservatives
by: Anonymous

Hi, a possible cause, like it is for me, is consuming the many forms of sulfite preservatives in processed meats, wine, bear, apple cider some tooth past some prescription drugs gravies etc etc etc the stuff is everywhere including in brewed products somehow i exhale a hydrogen sulfite like smell -- strangest thing. a good straight whiskey for me now instead of beer

Jan 29, 2015
BB infected for more than 10yrs
by: Anonymous

Hi Christine! I am also facin Bad breath problems. one time, a classmate of mine told me to brush my teeth first before talking. When I was in grade school, a teacher humiliated me when she called me infront, and said, the giraffe didnt brush her teeth and its breath is very bad.

Ive done a lot of research and i found the culprit. It is a bacteria called H.pylori which lives in stomach lining. It also lives in ulcers (wounds, holes in stomach).

I consulted 2 doctors already. both of them couldnt help me of my situation. The first doctor who talked to me told me that its all in the mind but she gave me prescriptions and i didnt take them. The second doctor asked me to try proton pump inhibitor for 1-2months and it didnt helped as well. I made a research and a lot of people with BB especially abroad, were diagnosed as hpylori positive. They were given this triple theraphy for 7-14 days and the success rate is 90+% . The bacteria can be eradicated by triple therapy which consists of PPI + combination of antibiotics.

I tested negative for serology or blood test for h.pylori and this is common. So if u get same negative result, u can try urea breath test at St. Lukes. But this is very expensive. what i did was, i lied to my new doctor by telling him that i got positive for h.pylori. he prescribed the triple therapy. BB went away in less than 1 week. still, i continued the medicines though BB was gone to conpletely eradicate the h.pylori.

You can do it Christine. You are not alone. hpylori is present in food Or water that is contaminated with fecal bacteria So be careful when you eat. just pray to god and he will guide you.

Nov 25, 2012
by: Anonymous


May 08, 2012
by: Ella

I wanted to respond to Christine's post from September 2011. I understand your frustration, as I have been dealing with the issue for about 12 years. I have tried all of the specialty mouthwashes on the market. After my dentist told me that my issue was non-dental, I began to research other remedies. I have acid reflux, tonsil stones and fecal scent from the nose. I have been flusing my nasal cavity with distilled water and 2-3 drops of GSE Liquid/Grapefruit Seed Extract. I have been using the waterpik to hit the tonsil stones. The nasal issue appears to be under control, right now. It is has been difficult hitting the tonsil stones with the waterpik machine because of gag reflex, so I am still trying to improve in that area. Get a Neti Pot or item that is similar to the Neti Pot, like the plastic bottle used with another popular neti pot-like brand (blue bottle w/curved nozzle). Add some distilled water and 2-3 drops of GSE Liquid. Flush each nasal passage.

I think that my problem, in part, may be a fungus in the nasal/sinus area. If it works, you may want to consider a sinus irrigator to increase the effectiveness of nasal rinse. Just a suggestion. Please be encouraged and do not give up. I have faith that there is a resolution for everyone dealing with this problem. Keep trying to eliminate which techniques work for you.

Nov 01, 2011
by: CJ

Hi R:

Thank you for getting back to me and providing another suggestion for gas. Fennel Seeds.

I am trying to figure out how much is enough to take without it becoming a laxative, so far I have reduced the amount down to 250mg at night before I go to bed and then I was taking the same amount behind my meal which are breakfast, sometimes I eat lunch but definitely after dinner and at bed time.

I am back to 300 mg right now to see if that is better. Periodically, I'd say about 2-3 days out of the week I don't take any at all to give my body a break. So I am taking the it more like 5 days on and 2 - 3 days off. I think I need a dosage that is like 280mg. But all the gel caps come in 50 mg or 100 mg.

Maybe I will try the liquid based on what you just shared with me once I run out of gel caps again that will be in the next 2 days.

Oct 30, 2011
by: Webmaster

Hi CJ,

Liquid chlorophyll will turn your teeth and tongue green, but only temporarily. It will not leave permanent stains. What I do is mix liquid chlorophyll with water twice a day and drink it before brushing my teeth (morning & night).

If it starts to act as a laxative, it`s because you`re taking too much of it. Try to cut back a little and identify your confort zone.

A good product to decrease gas (aside from activated charcoal) is fennel seeds. This product exists in capsule form, you might want to check it out if you find that you need it.


Oct 28, 2011
Chlorophyll Update
by: CJ

Hi R:

I was told the liquid chlorophyll turns your teeth green and it tastes really bad. i definitely do not want green teeth and bad taste.

I bought the capsules again but I did find that they do come in 280 and 300mg but I am gonna stick with taking my 5-6 after each meal. Again the only thing I don't like is they act as a laxative in my system which is annoying.

The gas problem appears it has gone away for now. That may also be because I am eating spinach salads?

Oct 13, 2011
Chlorophyll Update
by: CJ

Hi R:

I am going to see if I can liquid chlorophyll tomorrow. Thank you for sharing that it needs to be refrigerated. I know I would have put in my medicine cabinet.

I am thinking the "B" Clay is also for absorbing so I already know my doctor would not want me to take it.

I only have 4 Prilosec OTC tablets left so I will try to find the DGL licorice tomorrow as well. I'll let you know when /if I find these 2 products.

Looking forward to hearing from Christine on her feedback behind her doctors appointment or using the other recommended products.

Oct 13, 2011
Finding alternatives
by: Webmaster

Hi CJ:

Liquid chlorophyll is the way to go. It is easier to use but remember to keep the bottle refrigerated after opening.

As for the activated charcoal, the only alternative is bentonite clay. I strongly recomment you get Sonnes`s product because it is speciafically produced for long term treatements.

One more product I think you should try is DGL (deglycyrrhizinated licorice). It works great for gastritis and enhances the digestive process. If you do decide to try it (it`s cheap enough), get the chewable kind as saliva helps make the product more effective.


Oct 10, 2011
Update on the Charcoal
by: CJ

Hey R:

I saw my primary care physician Wednesday. He told me he doesn't want me to take the charcoal because not only is it absorbing whatever gases are in my stomach, it's also absorbing my Rx's and all the vitamins as well. He said, he prefers I take the chlorophyll. I guess I'm gonna try to find a liquid form because I don't like taking so many of the gel capsules to get results that also acts as a laxative.

Oct 05, 2011
Finding the source
by: Webmaster

Hi guys and thanks for keeping the topic alive.


Having bad odors coming out of your nose means one of two things. You either have sinus issues, or you bad breath is bloodborne.

This is what I would advise you, go to the pharmacy and get a netti-pot and the iodine-free product that comes with it. It`ll cost you 25$-35$. Just follow the instructions on the box. That was for the sinus.

If you find that it gives you no results, then I strongly suggest you see a gastro-enterologist like CJ said. If your halitosis is blood-borne, your bad breath could only be a symptom of a deeper health problem. My best guess is that it could be your colon, your liver, or kidneys. The gastro-enterologist will help you concerning colon and liver.

But since you mention that your release a smell of feces, it may be your liver. But please understand that it is only a guess. When you see your doctor, explain the situation frankly to him/her and insist for a stool analysis.

The products I mentioned get be bought over the net and shipped worldwide. Where exactly are you?


Glad your treatment is working out. Concerning the activated charcoal, 500mg/day is the maximum recommended, but I personally use bentonite clay instead. What`s important here is that you find the products that work for you, which seems to be your case. But I always encourage people to try new things.


Sep 30, 2011
Sonne's - Detoxificant Liquid Hydrated Bentonite Clay
by: CJ

Hey R,

I am thinking about ordering the Sonne's Dextoxificant Liquid Hydrating Bentonite Clay #7 - 32 oz bottle for $13.56 from Lucky Vitamin. I see what you were saying about if I like the Active Charcoal this product is better. Now that I know what I am looking for, I will call Vitamin World to see if they carry this product.

Sep 30, 2011
R and Chrstine Charcoal & Chlorophyll
by: CJ


I went to Vitamin World and looked at the Chlorella, it's a higher potency of Chlorophyll so you take LESS PILLS. Pretty cool. Thank you for the information.

Vitamin World did not have the "B" Clay nor did they have it in there computer so I bought the Active Charcoal and I like it. What is the maximum quantity you can take of active charcoal? The bottle just says take 2 pills behind each meal.


I am sorry you are not have any success with anything. Someone said something about preservatives in various foods producing a "rotten eggs" smell. I think they are on the right track with you.

I highly recommend you go see a Gastroenterologist to get your answer to the problem. Again, I have had a colonoscopy and I have acute ulcerative proctitis and with the endoscopy I was diagnosed with gastritis. I take Rowasa 1000 mg for the ulcerative proctitis. Prior to the endoscopy, I was using ALIGN Probiotics for 28 days, after the procedure and diagnosis of Gastritis he prescribed an over-the-counter of PRILOSEC OTC for 28 days taking it 2 times per day and to continue with my choice of either chlorophyll or charcoal. I have found this working for me and again I drink three (3) 20 oz bottles of PURIFIED DRINKING WATER that I purchase at Walmart by the case, weekly.

After you see the doctor let us know what he/she tells you.

Sep 27, 2011
sulfite preservatives may be the cause
by: Anonymous

One issue some of us have is that when drinking or eating foods with the many forms of sulfite preservatives in them -- wine, beer, processed meats, cider etc etc etc -- somehow when digesting it comes back in your breath as hydrogen sulfite ( rotten egg gas)-- so if this is the issue try and avoid foods and drinks with this type of preservatives. Also, try eating the herb, tumeric --kills the bad bugs in your gut, and try also a strong anti biotic from your doctor

Sep 25, 2011
nothing changed
by: .C

Thank you for the replies.

I am taking chlorophyll as what you have suggested, and it doesn't seem to work for me. This frustrates me to hell. I've actually taken like more than 20 capsules of it a day making it more than 800mg expecting to at least cover the smell
but NOTHING changed :( my breath still smells stool and the air coming out of my nose. I don't know if there's still self esteem left in me. there was never a time people I get close to covers their noses or tries to get away from me. It's really painful.

I feel like I'm losing my hope already.

Let me say thanks first for the reply.

I haven't tried anything you said yet. It's difficult to find those products you mentioned here in our country. I see that the products are colon cleansing related products??
I think I saw proboitics/ prebiotics avaialable here. Can I use those prebiotic capsules ahead instead of having the clay (not avail in Phil)?
I still have stool like breath and its really difficult getting close to people. Sometimes I feel I'm not human anymore, I can't do things I want to do. Even the air coming out of my nose smells like shit forcing me to hold my breath when in people. And it's hard, you can't help but to breath in and out if you're on a 2-3 hours of trip right? Gosh.. I'm really having a difficult time. Please help me figure what could have been the cause.
As seen on blogs and research, stool like breath has something to do with obstruction in colon? Is that what you knew too?? How can I determine if there's obstruction? What are the signs.
I hope to find a cure.


Sep 20, 2011
there is a way out...
by: I dislike bad breath

I just made a facebook fanpage for people who want to get rid of their bad breath... check it out and I'm sure you will get the help you need ;)

Sep 18, 2011
Chlorophyll and Charcoal...
by: CJ

Hi Christine:

Just got back from vacation to the Caymen Islands late last night. My birthday was Fri., Sep 16 and I had a GREAT TIME.

I see you already have a reply to your question on OD'g on Chlorophyll (not possible). I have Triple Chlorophyll w/phytonutrients by GNC; 60 mg, Copper 2mg, Fat 1g.. the pills are HUGE! Not easy to swallow at all. I prefer the Vitamin World Chlorophyll Concentrate; 50 mg, Copper 0.4 mg and half the size of the GNC pill..REMEMBER YOU HAVE TO DRINK AT LEAST 60 oz's of water per day that is three (3) 20oz bottles of water for this to work otherwise "R" is right, it will become a laxative in your system.

R: I have NOT TRIED the Activated Charcoal as yet. I am still using up my Chlorophyll pills but plan to try to the Charcoal next as soon as I finish taking these. I will look and see if Vitamin World has Chorella and the Clay you mentioned and get a print out on both of those from there store computer . It explains the benefits of both. Thank you.

The one thing I experienced while on vacation was I did NOT LIKE the water in the Caymen Islands so I didn't drink my 60 oz's of water per day. I purchased bottled water put between my fiancee' and myself I never got my 600z's in..per day and it did cause some "minor" laxative problems. LOL! I am glad to be back home.

Sep 12, 2011
by: Webmaster

Hi CJ and Christine,

Christine: Just FYI, you can`t overdose with chlorophyll. Too much of the product does nothing more that act as a laxative. But I would strongly suggest that you take it in liquid form, it is more effective and does not contain any other product but pure chlorophyll.

CJ: If you have had good results with activated charcoal, you may want to try bentonite clay. It`s a much more potent product. And since the chlorophyll worked well for you as well, you may want to try chlorella (powder or tablets).

Glad to see you guys sharing advice and ideas!


Sep 09, 2011
by: Christine

I already purchased CHLOROPHYLL from GNC. It says 60 mg of chlorophyll only and 453mg soybean oil. So far I have taken 2 capsules before meal. I noticed drying of my mouth and experiencing diarrhea. If I was to take 800mg of chlorophyll, will that mean I have to take 13-14 capsules of chlorophyll in a day?? would that take me to OD of chlorophyll?

Sep 09, 2011
Results behind Biopsy - Gastritis
by: CJ

Hi Christine:

To my surprise I did not have H Pylori, but definitely have Gastritis; he told me to buy Prilosec (OTC) and take it 2x per day once in the morning and once at bedtime and continue to use the Chlorophyll. Since I last posted, I also learned that Charcoal ABSORBS odor. I asked my gastroenterologist about that too and he confirmed that it true. He said let's do the Prilosec (OTC) and Chlorophyll for 28 days before doing anything else.

I am finding the Prilosec (OTC) keeps me from being gassy and burping up food which definitely produces odor but burping up food is not my main issue it was the halitosis. I am finding the Prilosec (OTC) and Chlorophyll 800 mg are working with 60 oz's of water, daily. I am so much more confident talking to people and the best part is they are not covering up there noses and turning there head away from me.

I hope this works for you as well. Keep me posted on your results with the Chlorophyll...I know if you take at least 800 - no more than 1600 mg per day it will work for you too! Just know the chlorophyll is a (bandage) you have got to find out where your halitosis is coming from but the chlorophyll will DEFINITELY cover it up as you go forward through this journey.


Aug 26, 2011
thank you CJ
by: Christine

Thank you so much Sir CJ.
I've been enlightened by your comment.
Every single details from everyone who might help in my case I take in all consideration and definitely will try it. I appreciate your concern. I am from Philippines and some of the products aren't available here. The chlorophyll is available though. I will purchase it tomorrow and try if it works. What medications did your Gastroenterologist gave you for treating H.pylori? Please comments are really appreciated. I hope to be cured. Thanks!

Aug 26, 2011
by: CJ

Hi Christine:

I know exactly what you mean. I have suffered with halitosis since 1995. It's now 2011 and I decided at 52 it has to get cured. I did the same thing you did. #1 - Went to see my Dentist who used a Halimeter (cool instrument that gave results that my Halitosis was digestive in nature) #2 - Went to see an ENT Specialist for postnasal drip, he said that's not the root of my Halitosis and said I need to use a Saline Rinse at bedtime to clear up my nose. #3 My primary care physician for a white blood cell count #4 I finally went to see a GASTROENTEROLOGIST and got answers. He performed an upper endoscopy with a biospy and discovered I have gastritis. TYPE 3 we believe it's H. Pylori that is causing my digestive related HALITOSIS. The results from the biopsy will be in in 3 days by Tues., Aug 30.

Up to this point I found that Chlorophyll (an internal body fresher) that you can buy at Vitamin World or GNC works! I take 200mg's behind each meal and at bedtime, in addition I gargle with Biotene for dry mouth counting to 100 and spit it out. In the morning, my breath is 100% better. The Biotene was suggested by my gastroenterologist nurse prior to the endoscopy about 28 days ago. She said I am drying out my mouth to much and the Biotene will reverse that. She was right.

Between the chlorophyll and biotene, I have been able to start talking to people again WITHOUT THEM TURNING THERE HEAD AWAY or all of a SUDDEN COVERING UP THERE NOSE. The side effects to chlorophyll are you DON"T HAVE ANY BODY ODOR which is VERY cool and your bowels turn green. I found that interesting. So again, I have been taking 200 mg behind every meal and at bedtime so that's 800mg's per day and drinking 60 oz's of water per day. That is 3 20 oz bottles of water.

Get to an GASTROENTEROLOGIST and get your issue resolved! It's definitely TYPE 3 or TYPE 4!


Aug 19, 2011
Treatment protocol
by: Webmaster

Hi Christine,

Here is how you should proceed with the first treatment(type 3 halitosis):

1/ Bentonite clay + psylium husk powder- Take 1 TABLE spoon of clay with 1 TEA spoon of psylium in the morning on an empty stomach 1 hour before breakfast and take again at night at least 2 hours after diner.

2/ Probiotics + prebiotics - Mix 1 measuring spoon (comes with the product) of pre-biotics in a glass of water and drink along with one capsule of pro-biotics just before breakfast. Do the same again just before diner.

You need to understand that I`m giving a very standard protocol to follow, but with time you may want to adapt it to your own need. That being said, if you find that sticking with this protocol is all you need, you should know that you can continue with it indefinitely. That`s the advantage of using natural products.

Type 4 halitosis:

If after ONE MONTH (at least) you find you are having partial results only, you need to start the liver detox. The instructions come with the product and I strongly recommend you follow them thoroughly! Whyle being on the liver detox program, you may continue with the bentonite clay/psylium husk and pro/pre biotics if you wish.

After finishing the liver detox, you may try the kidney cleanse as well if you find that you could benefit from it.

Please consider the juice fasting for a complete body detox I mentioned in my previous post. I think you may have to do one eventually.

If you have any other questions, please don`t hesitate to contact me.


Aug 19, 2011
Please reply. Type 3
by: Christine

Thank you very much for your reply. Now at least I know where to start.
Should I take the 4 products you've suggested 1 month at a time??

Aug 18, 2011
Type 3 or 4 halitosis
by: Webmaster

Hello Christine,

First, I would like to thank you for your post. You`re case is not unique...far from it! There are many people with chronic bad breath who contemplate death when they should be made aware that it would accomplish nothing except cause a great deal of grief to their loved ones.

According to the discription you have given me, I would suspect a type 3 or type 4 halitosis. What I mean is that your bad breath originates either from the digestive tract or it is blood borne.

It is important that you stop taking antibiotics immidiately!

As I have said in numerous occasions on this site, it is important to identify the underlying cause. You can only do this thru an elimination process.

The very first thing you should do is to try this remedy for type 3:

1/ Bentonite clay

2/ Psylium husk powder

3/ Pre-biotics

4/ Probiotics

I can assure you that these products are of the highest quality as I use them myself.

Concerning a type 4 halitosis remedy, I would strongly suggest the following liver detox product as I have been using this one as well with decent results:

you could also try the kidney detox:

Remember that it is of the outmost importance for you not to try all of these at once. Begin with the type 3 halitosis remedy for at least 1 month. If you see that it does not provide results, then got for the liver detox first. After that, try the kidney detox. They are both a 30 day program.

I would also strongly suggest you try a juice fasting detox program. It is a great way to get rid of toxins in your body and help restore healthy organs.

So you see Christine, you are far from having tried all there is to try, in fact there is so much more you could do to cure your condition. You absolutely need to start with the above mentioned treatments in the correct order.

Just follow my intructions and you will find relief from your chronic bad breath.

Please stay in touch to tell me how it goes.


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