Morning oral hygiene.

Kill bad breath
You should now be ready to kill bad breath with all the necessary ingredients and I’ll assume all the necessary tools as well. Always proceed carefully cleaning your mouth and make sure you don’t miss any areas.

Bacteria will reproduce very quickly, so if you miss a spot, they can simply recolonize the parts of the mouth you worked so hard to reconquer.

Anaerobic bacteria are tough to clean off and can only be dealt with patiently and with care, so take your time and remember the goal here is to kill bad breath.

Kill bad breath for good!

After a couple of days cleaning your mouth exactly the way I describe bellow, you won’t even have morning breath! Always begin the cleaning ritual after breakfast. We start with flushing the nasal passages of stagnating mucus in the sinus area and the back of the throat.

- Mix 1 tea spoon of iodine-free nasal powder in a small glass and fill it with warm filtered water.

- Mix with spoon until completely diluted and spill content in sinus irrigator tank.

- Continue filling the irrigators tank with warm water to about 15 ounces. Mix with spoon again.

- Plug in irrigator tip and flush both nostrils.

The nasal wash should always enter one nostril and come out of the other. Some of the liquid may exit through the throat to the mouth. That’s alright, but try sticking your tongue to the roof of the mouth so the solution resumes its normal course.

The second step is to rinse the throat with the throat irrigator tip that comes with the device. With it we flush stagnating mucus at the back of the throat and massage the tonsils to increase blood circulation.

- Mix ½ tea spoon of nasal powder in small glass and mix with warm filtered water.

- Fill sinus irrigator tank and add warm water to reach 10 ounces.

- Fix throat irrigator tip to the device and aim at the back of the throat and tonsils.

It’s important to mix the saline solution in a small glass first to avoid salt deposits and increase the life span of the sinus irrigator. It’s also important to always flush the sinus with warm water. When you’re done, rinse tank and run the irrigator with fresh water for approximately 20 additional seconds to rinse off any saline residue in the machine.

Kill bad breath with the right tongue scraper

Next, we brush the tongue with the Orabrush tongue scraper. This is the only tongue scraper that will get the job done! When brushing/scraping, be gentle and only apply moderate pressure. The tongue is a sensitive organ and if you damage it, you won’t be able to clean it again until it heals completely.

- Rinse mouth with warm tap water and gargle

- Scrape tongue gently in a back and forth motion for 30 seconds

- Rinse and gargle

- Scrape for 30 seconds

- Rinse and gargle

Anaerobic bacteria will concentrate at the back of the tongue, so you will need to crape it as far back as possible. If you experience a gagging reflex, don’t worry, it diminishes greatly in time. You’ll see noticeable improvement in how far back you can reach within a week.

Rinse right with the right rinse

Now it’s time for the 60 second mouthwash. Get it ready as mentioned in the ‘treating bad breath’ page. If you want to kill bad breath, you really need to get this right. Choose which approach (oxygenation or anti-bacterial) you would like to start with and prepare it accordingly. When you mouthwash, it’s very important to spend as much time rinsing and gargling. Bacteria love the back of your tongue and throat because you never clean it!

- Swish for 15 seconds.

- Gargle for 15 seconds.

- Swish for 15 seconds.

- Gargle for 15 seconds.

- Rinse and gargle with warm water thoroughly and repeatedly.

If you proceed this way, you never go out of breath when gargling (most people can hold their breaths for 15 seconds) and spend as much time with one and the other. Make sure the mouthwash penetrates as far back in the throat as possible WITHOUT SWALLOWING! Both mouthwashes should never ever be swallowed. That’s why I strongly advise you to practice with tap water first and see how far back it can go without choking you.

Kill bad breath with homemade toothpaste

The last step consists of brushing your teeth with the homemade toothpaste. When preparing the toothpaste, make it according to the mouthwash. If you choose the anti-bacterial mouthwash for instance, you should make the anti-bacterial toothpaste. I highly recommend the sonic toothbrush for this next step.

- Dip toothbrush in toothpaste and brush tongue for one minute.

- Spit out excess toothpaste but do not rinse.

- Dip toothbrush again in toothpaste and brush tongue for an additional 20 seconds.

- Spit out excess toothpaste. Do not rinse.

- Dip toothbrush and brush each quadrant of the mouth for 30 seconds (2 minutes total).

- Spit out excess toothpaste. Do not rinse.

- Dip toothbrush in toothpaste and brush roof of mouth, gums, and cheeks.

- Rinse and gargle with warm water thoroughly and repeatedly.

Keep in mind that your brushing technique must be adapted to the conditions of your mouth. When brushing, take care not to apply excessive pressure on toothbrush. Especially if using a sonic toothbrush!

Because they've been plagued with chronic halitosis for a long time, some people get excessively eager when it comes to killing bad breath and will instead cause tissue damage in different parts of the mouth.

I personally put my sonic toothbrush in its lowest setting when brushing the tongue and the roof of the mouth and turn it off completely when brushing my gums and cheeks.

Now you're ready for fresh breath!

I know this may seem a bit much at first, a little like drinking water from a fire hose. Trust me, once you get started, it all becomes routine in a very short while. To kill bad breath effectively, the trick is to stick to the plan! Now let's look at our night time cleaning techniques!

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