Chronic Bad Breath

Bad Breath Classification

To begin treating chronic bad breath, it is of the out most importance to identify the underlying source of this condition. Since the causes for this disease can greatly vary, the classification of the different types of halitosis must be crystal clear and perfectly established.

Halitosis expert, Dr. Murat Aydin's classification method of chronic halitosis is by far the most comprehensive I have come across. According to his classification system, there are 5 different types of halitosis:

Type 1 - Bad breath that takes its origin from the tongue dorsum (back of the tongue) or other tongue disorders (black tongue), bacterial imbalance of the mouth, cavities, gum disease, bio-film formation in the oral cavity. Food residue is ingested and turned into an aromatic gaseous waste called volatile sulfur compound (VSC) by anaerobic bacteria present in vast numbers between the tongues papillae (taste buds), mucus, and bio-film.

Type 2 - Halitosis that originates from around the oral cavity. Post nasal drip, Waldeyer's lymphoid ring, tonsilloliths, retro-nasal mucosa, oropharynx etc.

Type 3 - Halitosis originating from the gastrointestinal canal. Such conditions include chronic acid reflux, hiatal hernia, H. pylori gastritis, bacterial over growth, mal-absorptions, gastric ulcers, gut and colon diseases.

Type 4 - Bad breath from blood gases. Disorders and diseases that prevent metabolic substances to be evacuated by the body through proper kidneys and/or liver functions. When these organs cease their filtering action, the metabolic wastes enter the blood streams. As a result, the lungs expel the toxins when exhaled causing a constant state of severe bad breath.

Type-5 Delusional halitosis also known as Halitophobia. A psychological state resulting in a highly exaggerated concern of having chronic bad breath.

Dealing With Chronic Bad Breath

Living with chronic bad breath really is an experience I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I’ve suffered from it for over 15 years and know very well all the personal and professional consequences this disease can have. Because that’s what it is, a disease, and there is no better word to describe it.

I can honestly say that in the course of all of these years, I’ve tried everything there is to try, spent money on most products there was money to spend on, and basically done everything there was to be done!

If you suffer from chronic halitosis, I mean the real nasty, beastly, horridly awful type of bad breath that never goes away and where everyone keeps offering you mints and gums that don’t help, all I can offer you is what works. I'll show you treatments for it and ways to keep it under control.

Cure For Bad Breath Frequently Asked Questions
Finding a cure for bad breath can be a difficult task. Here are some frequently asked questions that will inform and help decide which steps to take.
Only the right bad breath products and tools will provide long term relief. When used in conjunction with the bad breath treatments, these products will over deliver results.
How To Cure Bad Breath
In order to learn how to cure bad breath, one must first identify the underlying source of the problem. This can be achieved through the use of a comprehensive classification system for halitosis.
What Causes Bad Breath
What causes bad breath? 90% of all bad breath comes from one source.
Tongue Problems
Because it's caused by a bacterial imbalance, tongue problems need to be attended to immdiately with the right tools. No cure for chronic halitosis is possible without proper tongue cleaning.
Gum Diseases And Bad Breath
Gum diseases and chronic halitosis go hand in hand. When gums bleed, anaeobic bacteria feast on it releasing V.S.C wastes that smell of feces.
Cures For Bad Breath
Cures for bad breath. Find out the truth about chronic bad breath cures. What works and what really doesn't
Treating Bad Breath
Effectively treating bad breath involves a lot more techniques than most people think. Get the right information for curing chronic bad breath
Bad Breath Remedies
These additional bad breath remedies will help you perfect cleaning methods and give you the advantage in controling chronic halitosis
Home Remedy For Bad Breath
Some of the best home remedy for bad breath involve the use of essential oils. Finding quality oils and using them correcly is key to treating halitosis.
Chronic Halitosis
Type 2 Chronic Halitosis involves foul odors originating from AROUND the oral cavity.
Post Nasal Drip
Post nasal drip and chronic bad breath are directly associated. Bacteria responsible for bad breath will settle inside the stagnating mucus and feed on it, releasing a waste compound smelling like cab
Tonsil Stones
Tonsilloliths are more commonly known as tonsil stones and a MAJOR source of breath odors. 3 out of 4 people with this problem will experience chronic bad breath.
Dry mouth cure
To find the right dry mouth cure, you must first find the source of xerostomia . Why dry mouth causes bad breath and what you can do to treat it.
Antiseptic Mouthwash
When treating chronic halitosis, only the appropriate antiseptic mouthwash will get the job done. Stay away from over the counter products, they're purely cosmetic and may worsen your condition.
Chronic Bad Breath Expert
Ask the expert! Chronic bad breath solutions, questions and comments.
Cause of Bad Breath Articles
Halitosis news and updates. Stay tuned to the latest news and research on the cause of bad breath.
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Chronic Bad Breath
Chronic bad breath -- cures, solutions, techniques and products for handling chronic bad breath.
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